Innovasan - Pioneering Medical Waste Treatment Technology

Fact Sheet No. 2

Innovasan was founded by Ellen B Hubrig and Jeffrey G. Hubrig to research and commercialize the Med-San® patent portfolio for the treatment of fluid medical waste streams.  Since the first two US patents were granted in 2007 the Med-San® patent portfolio has grown to 29 granted and pending U.S and international patents that combine to represent a “disruptive” technology platform of innovative fluid waste treatment technologies to address the global pollution of watersheds and the environment from medical, agricultural, industrial and other wastewater sources.

Med-San® destroys infectious agents, pharmaceutical and other organic compounds in a single process methodology that is modular, continuous flow and volume scalable. Med-San® provides for the on-site treatment and direct discharge of collected fluid waste streams that are disinfected, chemically inert and safe for the environment and/or alternative use.

Initial research centered on joint cooperative efforts with the Telemedicine and Advanced Technologies Research Center (TATRC), U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC), Ft. Detrick, Maryland.  The first joint research effort began with a 2009 contract award #W81XWH-09-1-0614, “Fluid Medical (Biological & Pharmacological) Waste Treatment System for Infectious Disease Prevention and Environmental Protection” which successfully demonstrated a continuous flow, volume scalable process that destroyed infectious agents by metal ion infusion.  In 2013, a DODSBIR Phase I contract award #W81XWH-14-C-0026, “Innovative Lightweight Energy and Water Efficient Treatment System for Fluid Medical Waste” successfully demonstrated the destruction of an organic compound by wet oxidation.  The Phase I success led to the submission of a Phase II proposal in 2014 which was subsequently withdrawn by Innovasan to shift from research to product development and commercialization of its first product line from the Med-San® technology platform. 

Innovasan is committed to commercialization of the Gauntlet™ Disinfection System as a cost-effective, energy efficient medical waste treatment system for infectious disease prevention and environmental protection that will eliminate the need for the current hazardous medical waste disposal practices within the military and civilian communities.