Gauntlet™ Disinfection System

Safeguarding human health through the on-site treatment of infectious fluid waste.

The Gauntlet™ Disinfection System is an in-line, continuous flow treatment appliance designed to meet the escalating need to enhance patient and employee safety and the emerging threat to communities and the environment from the disposal of untreated, infectious fluid wastes into sanitary sewer systems and landfills.


  • Disinfects infectious fluid surgical waste streams containing bloodborne pathogens and other infectious agents, exceeding STATT Level III
  • Eliminates employee exposures with closed system
  • Reduces medical waste disposal expenses over current practices, including solidification, red-bagging, autoclaving, transportation, and incineration
  • Reduces biohazard exposure risks to wastewater workers
  • Prevents spread of infectious agents to the environment


  • Compatible with current fluid waste management systems
  • Patented in-line continuous flow, self-cleaning process
  • Installs to existing sewer drain for down the drain disposal to sewer system
  • Easy plug and play design for maintenance and repair
  • Smart technology for with remote monitoring
  • Minimal space required

Gauntlet Disinfection System


  • Technology: Metal Ion Infusion
  • Efficacy: => 6 log10 reduction of bacteria, viruses, and spores
  • Capacity: adjustable volume capacity
  • Loading Process: Closed System
  • Electricity: 120 VAC/ Single Phase
  • Electrical Consumption: low demand, energy efficient
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 46" x 24" x 20"
  • Final Waste: Disinfected liquid to 1.5" drain pipe
  • Emissions: no hazardous airborne emissions

More information regarding the capabilities and features of the Gauntlet™ Disinfection System product family will be available soon. If you have questions or would like to be notified when additional information is available, please contact us.