IS-101 Pretreatment Conditioner

The fluid flow solution for surgical waste streams.

IS-101 is the first in a family of waste stream pretreatment conditioners designed to maintain optimal fluid flow rates using the patent pending Innova-Shield® technology.


  • Prevents blood, fatty solids (lipid particulate) and other organic compounds found in biological waste streams from adhering to each other, critical appliance components and fluid flow piping systems.
  • Prevents foaming, allowing for efficient continuous flow processing at high flow rates and volumes.
  • Maintains optimal fluid flow properties of the waste stream.
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime and maintenance caused by accumulated biofilm fouling of critical components.
  • Ensures a biodegradable and safe waste stream discharge to the environment.

More information regarding the capabilities and features of the IS-101 pretreatment conditioner will be available soon. If you have questions or would like to be notified when additional information is available, please contact us.